Solutions to global water challenges – made in Germany

German Water Partnership is a central coordination and contact office of the German water sector serving foreign partners and clients.


The German Water Partnership is a joint initiative of the German private and public sectors, combining commercial enterprises, government and non-government organisations, scientific institutions and water-related associations. The network is supported by five federal ministries. Its head office in Berlin collects and coordinates information about innovations, activities and services of its members.


The fundamental aim of the German Water Partnership is to make the outstanding German engineering, know-how and experience in the water sector easily available to partners and clients all over the world.


Germany has more than 150 years of experience in successful water management. Efficiency in plant engineering, consulting and operation is complemented by unparalleled expertise in scientific research, education and training, and by high levels of institutional and administrative knowledge.


We look forward to transferring this efficiency and high standard in water treatment and management to any region in the world that needs help solving the present and future water problems, including those caused or aggravated by climate change, population growth and desertification.