GWP Publications

» Water 4.0

Brochure about the importance of digitization and automation in the German water industry

Networking is our business - 5 years of German Water Partnership» Networking is our business

5 years of German Water Partnership

5th anniversary broschure of the association: history, achievements, members

Solutions for water» Solutions for Water - A strong network "Made in Germany"

Brochure on German Water Partnership's background, competencies and objectives

Index of Members» Index of members

GWP members from A to Z as of May 2016

Regional Sections within GWP» Regional Sections within German Water Partnership

Objectives of the 15 regional sections within German Water Partnership

Broschüre » Skill Development in the Water Sector

Guidelines for Capacity Development

Unterirdische Bauweisen für die Herstellung von Wasser- und Abwasser-Infrastruktur» Trenchless Technologies for the Construction of Water and Waste Water Infrastructure

Trenchless technologies: advantages, technologies and references